Site Plan

We knew from the start that we did not want to bulldoze the lot and place the house wherever convenient. There are quite a few mature Cedar and Fir trees and we want to keep whatever we can. The placement of the house and accessory structures is decided mostly by the location of these larger trees.

Early in the process we decided to go for a “storey-and-a-half” design. Essentially a main floor half embedded in the ground as a walkout-basement and an upper floor. This will allow us to double our square footage without doubling our price. With the slope very well suited for this it was an easy decision to make.

The lower floor will contain the bedrooms and has a dedicated patio area serving the two main bedrooms.

The upper floor will have a nice sized deck as well as an enclosed porch. The main floor backs onto a lawn area which will be flattened and retained to make it level.

The house will have  a detached 2-car carport. We do not want an enclosed garage but have opted for a nice carport instead. There will be a small workspace and storage in an enclosed area in the rear of it.

Our zoning allows for a secondary suite, so we have a location planned for the future. We do not know when we will build it, but we are planning and providing early for it.  For this purpose we also had to allow enough room behind the house to allow equipment to move in the future.

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