Day 1 – Clearing the land

Day 1

The plan for the day was to get most of the clearing done. We have rented a small Bobcat excavator and when we arrived in the morning it was waiting for us at the bottom of the lot. My brother-in-law will be operating the machine today. He’ll be much more efficient than I could hope to be.

The excavator makes quick work of the shrub, small firs and alders

About where the excavator is shown is where our rear deck will be.

The tools of the trade.

The old foundation proved tougher than expected. We’ll deal with it on the first day of excavation with a much larger machine. The small Bobcat couldn’t even budge it.

Old Hemlock log too heavy for the machine to move in one go. A couple of bucks with the chain saw makes it easier to move. Still a bit heavy though.

Not bad for a days work.

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