Day 105 – Still working on the foundation

So we have concrete walls poured!

After we had our footings poured we expected the rest of the foundation to move along quickly. However the contractor we had hired decided to disappear. We attempted communication for a week, but he did not even return our phone calls.
At that point we decided to find someone else. After calling around for recommendations we talked to a new contractor who could get to work right after Christmas.

The new contractor started work on Dec 28th, worked until the 30th and resumed on January 2nd. I have to give him credit for working through the pounding rain. I was miserable just receiving a truck for a couple of hours in it. He poured the concrete on Friday Jan 6th.
I wanted to be there to take some pictures but he forgot to call me.
27 yards of concrete and 3 hours on a pumptruck later we finally have our foundation walls.

He left the forms in over the weekend and started to strip the the next Monday which took a couple of days.

Then we started to prepare all the work that happens before the floor slab goes in, interior perimeter drain, sewer runs and service ducts.
The plan was to lay out our pipes and ducts, then call for an inspection.
After that we fill with 3/4″ drainrock to the top of the footings, cover with fabric and then 2″ of compacted sand, lay down vapor barrier and finally 2″ of extruded polystyrene insulation.

Then it’s time to call another contractor who will place and finish the 4″ floor slab.

In the mean time we have a pile of precut joists and beams and prefabbed interior walls waiting to be assembled.

Starting on the formwork

The contractor working on his forms

Building up the wall forms, piece by piece

Poured foundation walls

Bracing the forms and working platforms

A view on the inside. Lots of bracing to hold the 10+ foot walls.

Prefabbed interior walls and floor joists. Wrapped up for protection from the elements.

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